The National Restaurant Association recently lauded Hestan’s CircuFlameTM sealed burner with our third Kitchen Innovations award. This NRA distinction is especially meaningful to the Hestan team, since CircuFlameTM was directly inspired by input from the chefs in some of America’s finest restaurants.


kiOur engineers designed, re-designed and dialed-in our dual-flow burner system until it delivered the revolutionary performance these chefs demanded. The dual-flow valve feeds two burner chambers, a main and a simmer, to achieve a 20:1 turndown ratio – producing power as high as 30,000 BTU/hour for searing and broiling and as low as 1,500 BTU/hour for simmering.


Our French Top and Salamander/Cheesemelter/Shelving system have also earned Kitchen Innovation awards. Our meticulously designed French Top delivers perfectly graduated cooking temperatures – from 1000F degrees at the center to as low as 320F degrees at the edges. This is the highest temperature delta of any French Top.


Hestan’s Modular Salamander/Cheesemelter/Shelving System maximizes functionality and flexibility. It is supported longitudinally on a riser, which allows complete horizontal movement and the freedom to be placed anywhere on the line.


Hestan Commercial is reinventing the restaurant kitchen – and building it around the way you cook.

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