We invited engineers, scientists, chefs and craftsmen into the kitchen. Together, they created the first true innovation to stainless steel cookware in over a century. NanoBond cookware introduces modern science to timeless culinary craftsmanship with molecular titanium.


Handcrafted in Italy, NanoBond delivers incredible resilience, performance and beauty – and the cleanability to maintain its brilliance for generations. The gleaming surface is highly scratch resistant and stick resistant. The patented multilayer structure of titanium-based alloys is bonded directly to stainless steel through a process that is environmentally friendly and chemical free. This process creates thousands of super dense nano layers of titanium alloys on the cookware surface.


NanoBond’s surface is four times harder than typical stainless. Thanks to a pure aluminum core, it is also 35% more conductive than other aluminum clad cookware. Its exceptional responsiveness and even heat distribution ensure both precision control for delicate sauces and searing heat for thick filets.


NanoBond can handle heat up to 1,050oF – allowing ultra-high heat searing for juicier meats.


This superior culinary performance is enhanced by Hestan’s thoughtful design and chef-inspired details. The flared rims are completely sealed and encased in stainless for drip-free pouring, easy cleaning and extra durability. Flush rivets eliminate food-trapping crevasses and also allow for NanoBond pieces to nest easily in your cabinets. NanoBond skillets offer 20% greater cooking surface compared with traditional skillets.


When compared to other professional style cookware, NanoBond is noticeably easier to lift and control. This is thanks to the lighter-weight materials and a comfortable French-inspired ergonomic handle.


Chef Corey Lee has been cooking with NanoBond in his acclaimed In Situ restaurant at the San Francisco MoMA. After months of preparing hundreds of dishes per night, it still shines in appearance and performance. Now NanoBond is available for your kitchen, exclusively through Williams-Sonoma.


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